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Mohawk Park and Oxley Nature Clean Up

This opportunity has been filled.
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Mohawk Park and Oxley Nature Clean Up

Saturday, July 13
7:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Deadline - Sunday, July 14

Due to the recently flooding, Mohawk Park and Oxley Nature needs some major TLC. Together we will be cleaning up debris (including debris unearthed from a 1960s landfill), no worries, this project has been approved by environmental services and has been deemed SAFE! We also need help cleaning debris from the fence lines of the golf course. We are also looking for some handy people that can help repair some fencing that was downed by the flood waters. For the adventurers in the groups, we want you to wear jeans and work boots to venture into a wooded area around the soccer complex to help locate the dozens of trash cans swept away and currently missing. One team will focus on creek bed clean up, that dirty work near and in some water will be for adults only for safety reasons. Finally, we need some people to rake away from trash clogging up the lagoon area.

If you have heavy equipment, rakes, chainsaws, etc. Please bring them with you!

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