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Engage BA : serving our Broken Arrow Public Schools

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Engage BA : serving our Broken Arrow Public Schools

Monday, January 6
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Deadline - Friday, May 1

There are a number of ways in which to partner with Broken Arrow Public Schools and its school sites through Engage BA. 

In addition to specific school site needs, here are suggestions of ways to partner with BAPS!  Visit

  1. Volunteer
    • Literacy
      • Become a "Reading Buddy"
      • Read to classes to stress the importance of literacy.
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
      • Develop or assist sites with projects to support real-world oriented connections to math and science.
    • Student Development/Citizenship
      • Join food drive efforts.
      • Upgrade a classroom by painting, updating outdoor spaces, providing supplies, etc.
      • Serve as a judge for various school events.
  2. Mentor
    • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to our students through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma
      • Apply online at, interview and get matched with a BA student.
      • On average, you'll meet for one hour once a week at the child's school.
      • Although it takes place at school, this program is not limited to the classroom.
      • This program is all about providing friendship and guidance.
    • Be a Reading Champion
      • Tutor a student for 45 minutes per week during the school year.
      • Training will be provided.
    • College and Career Readiness
      • Provide classroom demonstrations on your business skill.
      • Participate in Broken Arrow High School's Career Exploration Program to give students an authentic learning experience in the business world.
      • Host a facility tour.
      • Host a traditional workplace learning experience.
    • Financial Literacy
      • Lead class or school presentations on financial management
  3. Sponsor
    • Be Here BA: Help provide incentives to students who arrive on-time, stay all day and regularly attend school.
    • Family engagement activities and events
    • Field trips
    • Contests
  4. In-Kind Support
    • Donate materials to school sites or classrooms.
    • Hold a book drive for a school's classroom or library needs.
    • Plan a holiday gift drive or donate food baskets.
    • Support families in need.
      • Back-to-school supply drive
      • Angel Tree
    • Provide food or supplies for staff appreciation and recognition
    • Publicize and promote the school district in company communications, community events, etc.


47 Spots Available
Broken Arrow Campus