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Skillz - Bradford Apartment Outreach

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Skillz - Bradford Apartment Outreach

Saturday, December 14
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Deadline - Saturday, December 14

The goal of Skillz is to introduce kids in Tulsa’s lower income government housing to a variety of skills that they might not be learning in school or their home.  Sparking hope, imagination and inspiration through a 45 minute demonstration or lesson is a big part of that mission. From gardening, pottery, Tai Chi, jewelry making to firefighting, African dance and bicycle maintenance - these are just a few of the things we’ve touched on at the Bradford Apartments.  The list is endless as to what these children can learn about and see in a new light through volunteers showing or speaking out about what they do/study/know or are in the process of learning and perfecting themselves. These kids need to understand all the possibilities that are out their for their future.

Relationships with the kids happens naturally and deepens with time. After every lesson or demonstration we end with lunch, which is usually pizza and fruit salad.

We need people to help each and every Saturday at the Bradford Apartments from noon til 1:30  -- helping facilitate listening or helping kids engage with whatever the demonstration, skill or activity is that day.  We need help setting up for the day and tearing down, passing out pizza, napkins and waters. We also need people who can share any kind of skill imaginable for a single Saturday and once we are established in multiple housing projects, more Saturdays if possible. We need folks to just hangout with the kids weekly and be an example of love and kindness to them. 

Highlights from the past:

• Cooking with chef Zach Curren.

• Photography with Meredith Jones.

• Fire Fighting with Tulsa Fire Department.

• Piano and keyboard with singer/songwriter Melody Borum.

• Pottery and ceramics with local potters the Mud Masters. 

• Traditional West African Dance with Deena Burks & Yadee Arts.

• Jewelry making with jewelers Dillon/Rose.

•  Giving away dozens of bicycles to kids and teaching them maintenance and safety, providing helmets and locks with local non profit, Tulsa HUB.

9 Spots Available
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