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Want to become a better leader?

Below you will find a variety of great resources to help you succeed and grow as a Small Group Leader. From FAQs to tutorial videos to great curriculum suggestions, we want you to have the resources you need to help your group GROW closer to the Real Jesus.

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If you decide to do a study for your group the curriculum you choose is important, but it's NOT the most important thing. Find something that will facilitate good discussion, but for the purpose of growing together as a group and growing closer to Jesus. The relationships are more important than the curriculum. Below you can access a wide variety of video and literary curriculum choices that have been tested tried and true for COTM Small Groups. Find something that fits your group and start the conversation!

Right Now Media Instructions

Follow these steps to access the COTM RightNow Media Library:

  • Click the "Create Your RightNow Media Account" button above
  • Complete the ‘Profile’ to set up your user log-in
  • Choose your ‘Ministry Interests’
  • Check that you are affiliated with COTM
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Once in the site, you will automatically land on our COTM Library.

  • You should see the 'CHURCH ON THE MOVE' emblem.
  • The curriculum is listed as COTM APPROVED for the following (Small Group Weekend Service Videos, Women's, Men's, Marriage, Parenting, etc..)

Small Group FAQs

How long is the commitment for leading a Small Group?

Leading a Small Group is a six to twelve-week commitment. After each semester ends, it’s up to you and your group to decide whether you will continue meeting at the start of the next semester.

Why are there semesters?

This allows group leaders and participants to have built- in breaks throughout the year. We believe there is value in cyclical beginnings and endings to Small Group experiences.

What if my group wants to keep meeting, but I want to step out of leading the group?

Whether you continue leading your group or not, you should always have someone in your group that you are raising up to be a future leader. You can either hand your leadership role to the person you have raised up, or if no one steps up to lead the group, your group members can sign up for different groups at the beginning of the next semester.

What if no one signs up for my group?

The Small Group Finder should be used as a secondary tool for adding people to your group. Inviting people you know and people that you meet is the number one way to add people to your group. Don't wait for them to come to you, go to them!

Do I have to provide snacks at every meeting?

Having snacks and drinks available during a Small Group meeting can change the whole mood of the group and help put people at ease. If you don’t want to provide snacks and drinks for every meeting, delegate some of the responsibility to other people in the group and let people take turns.

What should I do if someone asks a question I can’t answer?

It’s okay to not have all the answers. Thankfully, we can find guidance through prayer, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit. Encourage them to spend time reading the Bible and praying. Also, let them know that you will do your best to get some information and get back with them at your next Small Group meeting. Do some personal research and call your coach to get advice.

How can I share stories of life change from the Small Group semester?

We love hearing about lives that are changed through Small Groups. You can share your stories with your coach.

What if I miss the deadline to register my group for this semester?

If you do not register your group before the deadline, we ask that you wait until the next semester to try again. In the meantime, you can join a group for this semester to get a feel for COTM Small Groups.

Can my group keep meeting after the semester ends?

We recommend that groups meet on a recreational or outreach basis between semesters. This is a great time to plan a fun group activity or an outreach event where you all serve together. It’s healthy to take a break from the traditional Small Group setting, so for that reason we do not provide curriculum between semesters. Just because you take a break from regular meetings, doesn’t mean you have to cut off relationship with your group members. Be sure to keep up with them and be available for them when you can.

What types of groups are there?

The main categories for groups are Couples, Men's, Pre-Marital, Students, and Women's. The categories beneath those are broken down by location, meeting day and time, curriculum, and interest based (i.e. running, sewing, cycling).

Do we have to meet at a house?

We believe that the best atmosphere for a Small Group is in a home; however, we understand that sometimes that is not an option. Other options for meeting places could include coffee shops, cafés, outdoor locations, etc.

What should I do if someone in my group shares something with me (or the group) that requires attention beyond what I (or we) can provide?

If you encounter a difficult situation within your Small Group, please know that you are not alone. If a member is going through a crisis, you can rally the group around them to provide prayer, encouragement, and support. Use wisdom and be sensitive to the situation. If you are unsure of what to do, don’t hesitate to ask your coach.

What are the childcare standards?

We recommend collaborating with the others in your group to find a childcare provider that you can all utilize together. If a group decides to provide group childcare, they must provide a clean and safe environment for children. All childcare arrangements that are made are of no affiliation or responsibility of Willie George Ministries or Church on the Move, and are made upon your own recourse. WGM and its affiliated organizations are not responsible for any actions taken through external group environments.

Other Questions

Connect regularly with your coach as other questions arise throughout the semester.