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Small Groups Mark@2X


What is a Church Online Group?

Church online groups connect weekly during or right after the weekend service to discuss talking points, encourage accountability, send and receive prayer requests and pray for one another!

What is a Virtual Group?

Social virtual groups are interest-based groups that meet up online! These groups generally meet weekly for 20-45 minutes on platforms such as: FaceTime, Zoom video calls, Facebook Messenger Video Calls, and even conference calls. As long as people are staying connected, smiling, laughing, and having fun – it's a win!

How long is the commitment for leading a Small Group?

Leading a Small Group is a six to twelve-week commitment. After each semester ends, it’s up to you and your group to decide whether you will continue meeting at the start of the next semester.

What does a small group look like?

We use a free-market approach to small groups. This means we want people to gather together based on the things they enjoy and are important to them. Essentially, the things you are already doing in your life are the things that can make up your Small Group!

Free market leaders form their groups around their gifts and interests.

From sports groups to lunch groups, bible study groups to creative arts groups, our groups are as varied as we are. All groups fall within one of our Hubs.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Married Couples
  • Young Adults
  • Outreach

Why are there semesters?

This allows group leaders and participants to have built- in breaks throughout the year. We believe there is value in cyclical beginnings and endings to Small Group experiences.

What if no one signs up for my group?

The Small Group Finder should be used as a secondarytool for adding people to your group. Inviting people youknow and people that you meet is the number one way toadd people to your group. Don’t wait for them to come toyou, go to them!

What if my group wants to keep meeting, but I want to step out of leading the group?

Whether you continue leading your group or not, you should always have someone in your group that you are raising up to be a future leader. You can either hand your leadership role to the person you have raised up, or if no one steps up to lead the group, your group members can sign up for different groups at the beginning of the next semester.

Do I have to provide snacks at every meeting?

Having snacks and drinks available during a Small Group meeting can change the wholemood of the group and help put people at ease. If you don’t want to provide snacks anddrinks for every meeting, delegate some of the responsibility to other people in the groupand let people take turns.

What should I do if someone asks a question I can’t answer?

It’s okay to not have all the answers. Thankfully, we can find guidance through prayer, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit. Encourage them to spend time reading the Bible and praying. Also, let them know that you will do your best to get some information and get back with them at your next Small Group meeting. Do some personal research and call your coach to get advice.

What should I do if someone in my group shares something with me (or the group) that requires attention beyond what I (or we) can provide?

If you encounter a difficult situation within your SmallGroup, please know that you are not alone. If a member isgoing through a crisis, you can rally the group aroundthem to provide prayer, encouragement, and support.Use wisdom and be sensitive to the situation. If you areunsure of what to do, don’t hesitate to ask your coach. If you need immediate attention, call 911. To get ahold of a pastor after hours due to a crisis, call 918-234-5656.

How can I share stories of life change from the Small Group semester?

We love hearing about lives that are changed through Small Groups. You can share your stories with your coach, or email us at

What if I miss the deadline to register my group for this semester?

Registration for groups remains open through the first three weeks of each semester. If you do not register your group before that time, we ask that you wait until the next semester to try again. In the meantime, you are invited to come to the Next Move to find out where you can get plugged into community immediately.

Can my group keep meeting after the semester ends?

It’s healthy to take a break from the traditional Small Group setting. However, this doesn’t mean you have to cut off relationship with your group members. Be sure to keep up with them and be available for them when you can. This is a great time to plan a fun group activity or an outreach event where you all serve together. We just ask that you recognize that not everyone will want to meet between semesters, and that’s okay!

What are the childcare standards?

We don’t want childcare expenses to be a deterrent that prevents people from joining a small group. We will no longer be doing childcare reimbursements for small groups. However, you can go to your campus Small Group Pastor and go through the benevolence process if you need financial assistance. Please ask your coach, Small Groups pastor, or you can email for more information.

Do we have to meet at a house?

We believe that the best atmosphere for a Small Group isin a home, however, we understand that sometimes thatis not an option. Other options for meeting places couldinclude coffee shops, cafés, outdoor locations, etc.

Can I use the curriculum of my choice?

In addition to the Staff Picks for this semester, each small group leader is able to choose a curriculum of their liking. We simply ask that you discuss your choice with your coach for final approval.

How can I share stories of life change from the Small Group semester?

We love hearing about lives that are changed throughSmall Groups. You can share your stories with your coach.

You can also share your own personal stories throughsocial media and tag #cotmsmallgroups

Other Questions

Connect regularly with your coach as other questions arisethroughout the semester.

What types of groups are there?

We offer Married Couples Groups, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Outreach Groups, and Young Adult Groups. Within each of those, the groups are further broken down by location, meeting day and time, curriculum or interest-based (i.e. running, sewing, etc). Additionally, we offer small groups in all of our kids’ and student environments. This enables our kids and students the opportunity to benefit from a small group when they’re already at church.