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Small Groups Mark@2X

Notes For Leading

Your first meeting as a Small Group is more of a social gathering. You may be eager to jump into the study, but beginning the process of cultivating relationships is essential to the group experience. The depth of your relationships will drive the quality of your discussions. Before the meeting, send your group members an email, text, or call confirming the date and time of the meeting and providing them with directions to your meeting place. Let them know the start and end time to your group meeting. Letting them know this information helps to create a predictable environment.

This first meeting is also the best time to set some expectations for your group. Talk about VESPA.

Have a conversation about caring for your group. The primary way care happens at Church on the Move is through Small Groups. Rally everyone around the idea that for the next several weeks this is our family. When one of the group is going through a circumstance that requires care (hospital visits, prayer, or some other type of support), the group rallies around them and takes care of them.

Before you end the meeting, ask your group members this question: What do you hope to get out of this group experience? Let them know what you hope to get out of the experience of leading them.

Ice Breakers

On the night of the meeting, your job is to create an environment in which people can begin to connect. If your group members have already met and are comfortable with one another, you may not have to do much more than provide coffee and snacks. If your group is meeting for the first time, you may want to use some icebreakers to help people ease into the conversation.

Using icebreakers is an essential Small Group skill. Begin with light and informational questions and then move to deeper and more personal levels as the group progresses together. Since this is your first group meeting, you probably want to stick mostly with Level 1 questions, maybe adding in a few Level 2 questions near the end of the evening.