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BA KOTM Coordinator


  • Assist the Kids Pastor in introducing kids to the real Jesus by ensuring that the KOTM strategy of ministry is properly executed and that all logistics for weekend services and events are taken care of.



  • Prepare the house for weekend services! Ensure that all logistics, coordination, supplies, and technological needs are fulfilled so that each room is ready to receive and serve families well
  • Assist the Kids Pastor in ensuring that all KOTM environments are safe, fun, and welcoming to kids and families
  • Oversee inventory and supplies, making sure to steward resources and that we have what we need to do ministry effectively
  • Be a peaceful presence in KOTM on the weekends by being strategically visible and available to support volunteers, troubleshoot issues that may arise, and connect with parents and families as needed
  • Provide collaborative insight and feedback into the KOTM strategy to help maximize KOTM’s ability to introduce kids and families to the real Jesus
  • Oversee the KOTM volunteer onboarding process
  • Take initiative to recruit new volunteers and champion the volunteer experience,
  • Help create a volunteer culture that is attractive to leaders, sustaining and empowering them
  • Oversee the scheduling of volunteers and ensure that KOTM is properly staffed
  • Be the go-to person for COTM BA events that require KOTM involvement, ensuring that everything is taken care of (i.e., childcare needs, etc.)
  • Assist with any COTM BA or KOTM marketing or communication as requested


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  • Experience working with children and a passion for teaching the next generation about the Real Jesus
  • Strong administrative and communication skills
  • Ability to organize, prioritize, and execute a wide variety of tasks
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (specifically with parents and volunteers)
  • Ability to develop and lead a team



  • 40 hours per week, weekends required