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Upgrade Weekend

June 4th & 5th

Elementary Upgrade Weekend
On that weekend, the soon-to-be 1st-6th graders will officially upgrade to their new grades! This may mean a room change, and we are so excited for them! We cannot wait to welcome them into their new environment!

Kindergarten Upgrade Weekend
Your kindergartener will be officially in elementary and join their new environment! They are going to love all the fun stuff we have in store for them!

If you have any questions, the Kids’ Check-In team at your location is more than happy to assist you!


Q: What if my child isn’t moving to the next grade?

No worries! Just let your church’s Kids’ Check-In team know so they can help make sure that your child is in the right room.

Q: How does Jhi pick-up work?

Pick-up works different for your Jhi students. There are no claim checks and good news: no pick-up lines. When service is over, your student can actually leave the class and come find you or, if you like, you can have your student wait in the room until you come get them. Either way works great!

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