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Mark Your Calendar for
Saturday, July 16!

You’re invited to grab some work gloves, lace up your shoes, and join us in serving our city! A few hours of your time will help meet the practical needs of some of the most impactful nonprofits and ministries in our city.

There are tons of projects for you, your family, and your friends to jump in on. Use the button below to check them out!

Here’s How to Sign Up!

To look through all the Love Day projects head to our finder, tap the category filter,
and filter by “Love Day.”

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Projects like …

Tulsa: Lewis & Clark Block Party (Kids Zone & Prayer Team)

It’s our goal this year to create an environment of fun, celebration, and blessing for all of the families of Lewis and Clark Elementary with a HUGE summer block party. We will have inflatables, yard and carnival style games, face painting, and so much more! We will also have a shopping experience that includes free home and personal care products and non-perishable food.

BA: Book Fair Giveaway

For this outreach, we will be conducting an outdoor Book Fair at Clark Elementary school where children will be given a free book to take home and free ice cream. Many of the families in this are are hispanic and spanish speaking volunteers are especially encouraged to join.

West: Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch

Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch exists to bring healing to the brains of traumatized youth and hope to their caregivers, and seeks to provide a welcoming place for kids to feel loved, accepted and heard through a purposeful relationship with a mentor. Through our physical efforts and hard work, we help provide an incredible atmosphere for this to happen.

Let’s Faithfully Serve
Our Community!

Not just on Love Day, but throughout the year we volunteer with nonprofits, churches, and shelters in our communities.  You can find ongoing volunteer opportunities by heading to our finder, tapping the category button, and filtering by “outreaches.”

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