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A year of living on mission

We are a church that...

  • Make disciples
  • Filled with compassion
  • Next generation
  • Reaches the whole city

Lead one person to Christ

We don't celebrate Christmas alone!

  • Each one brings one

20% of Small Group participants are not Church on the Move members

500 people on Mission Trips

  • Sign up 2020 Mission Trip here

5,000 people mobilized on local Outreach Projects

  • Until Mohawk Park is clean
  • Until Lewis & Clark and Kerr have passing grades
  • Sign up for an Outreach Project here

Every kid & student needs a great Small Group leader

  • 1:8 Ratio

A home for Young Adults

  • Real Jesus Institute

New permanent homes for South and BA

Go into every part of our city

  • North and East

Start with YES

Missio Dei | Living on Mission


1. Makes disciples

2. Is filled with compassion

3. Opens the door for the next generation

4. Reaches the whole city

And we are kicking off an exciting season of "living on mission". Check out this weekend's message by Lead Pastor Whit George as he shares our church's BIG goals for the year ahead of us!