What if more is possible?
When Prayer Becomes Real
The Way Back from Failure
An Eternal Perspective
Flourishing or Fruitless
Guard Your Heart
Do I Belong?
With Jesus | Mother's Day 2021
Wildly Different | Part 4 | Discouragement
Wildly Different | Part 3 | Doubt
Wildly Different | Part 2 | Disappointment
Wildly Different | Part 1 | Failure
Easter 2021 with Church on the Move
Journey to Easter | The Forgiveness of Jesus
The Power of Jesus | Journey to Easter
The Love of Jesus | Journey to Easter
Supernatural Gifts
Supernatural Power
Supernatural Direction
A Supernatural Reality with Pastors Whit & Willie George
Rest Over Hurry | Over It Part Five
Intimacy Over Porn | Over It Part Four
Contentment Over Materialism with Pastor Whit
Peace Over Anxiety | Over It Part Two
Potential Over Pain | Over It Part One
Beginning Again with Pastor Lee Martin
2020 Look Back
Advent | The Giving of Love
Advent | The Anticipation of Joy
Advent | The Promise of Peace
Advent | The Thrill of Hope
Hope for Your Home | The Fruitful Family
Hope For Your Home | Standing in the Gap for Your Family
Hope For Your Home | Parenting with the End in Mind
Hope for Your Home | The Road to & from Divorce
Kids on the Move LIVE! | Tulsa Location
Hope For Your Home | A Supernatural Hope
Hope For Your Home | Dealing with Baggage and My Family of Origin
Hope for Your Home | Marriage & The Mystery of the Cross
Hope for Your Home | Do You Want to Be Well?
God’s Eternal Plan
Staying Encouraged
The Power of Words
The Body, The Church
The Body Is a Picture of Biblical Unity
Forget Not All His Benefits
Remember to Remember with Pastor Lee Martin
Gratitude Is a Gateway
The Unseen Hand of God
Our Journey of Ascent
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