What if more is possible?
The Unseen Hand of God | Restoring Your Soul Part 8
Private video
Internal Worship | Restoring Your Soul Part 7
Ungrateful or Grateful - You Choose | Restoring Your Soul Part 6
The Pursuit of Joy | Restoring Your Soul Part 5
When Prayer Becomes Real | Restoring Your Soul Part 4
COTM West | The Way Back From Failure
COTM West | The Hope of An Eternal Perspective
Update from Seth, Transitions
COTM West | Psalm 1
COTM West | Message From the Middle
COTM West | The Holy What????
COTM West | With Jesus
COTM West | Mother's Days
COTM West | Wildly Different - Part 4
COTM West | Wildly Different - Part 3
COTM West | Wildly Different - Part 2
COTM West | Wildly Different
COTM West | Easter Sunday
COTM West | The Power of Jesus
COTM West | Unified Church
COTM West | Culture Conflict
COTM West | Do not overlook the supernatural
COTM West | The Church Should Be
Introducing COTM West
A Supernatural Reality with Pastors Whit & Willie George
COTM Glenpool | The Law of Continuance
COTM Glenpool | Intimacy over Porn
COTM Glenpool Announcement!!
COTM Glenpool | Contentment Over Materialism
COTM Glenpool | Peace Over Anxiety
Exciting Announcement from COTM Glenpool
COTM Glenpool | Potential Pain
COTM Glenpool | Victory in Transition
O Holy Night - Church On The Move Glenpool
2020 Look Back
Advent | The Giving of Love
Advent | The Promise of Peace
Advent | The Thrill of Hope
Hope For Your Home: Standing in the Gap For Your Family
Hope For Your Home: Hope in the Midst of Disappointment
COTM Glenpool Parenting while following Christ
COTM Glenpool | Hope for your Marriage
COTM Glenpool | Get Up
COTM Glenpool | Follow Love
COTM Glenpool | Let go of your weights
COTM Glenpool | We Need God to do Something
Kids on the Move LIVE! | Glenpool Location Recap
COTM Glenpool | Speak Life to Dead Things
COTM Glenpool | Stay Planted
COTM Glenpool | Revelation Truth
COTM Glenpool | This is a family
COTM Glenpool | God Speaks to those who listen
COTM Glenpool | Why Church?
COTM Glenpool | But... What Can I Do?
COTM Glenpool | Our words shape worlds
COTM Glenpool | Value people over differences
COTM Glenpool | What if instead of accusing people, we ask questions?
COTM Glenpool | We must be united for the right reason, Jesus
COTM Glenpool | We're not just going back into a building, we're hitting the reset button
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