Songs for the Road

Wrap up your summer with us!

We’ve been spending the summer in the book of Psalms together, and we’re wrapping up with the Psalms of Ascent.

Join us at one of our churches and come ready to experience the goodness of God together! 

Did you know there’s a road trip playlist in the Bible?

The Songs of Ascent are 15 Psalms found toward the end of the book. They are Psalms that people would sing, pray, and recite on the way to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish festivals. As they traveled together up to Jerusalem and prepared to worship together, they would sing these Psalms. So, you could say these 15 Psalms are the original road trip playlist. We’re wrapping up our summer in the Psalms by looking at 3 of the Psalms of Ascent. 

Want to learn more about the Psalms?

Read our weekly blogs throughout the summer! Our pastors are putting together blogs to help you better understand the Psalms. Check them out!  

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