What do those steps look like?


No two discipleship journeys look the same—not everyone is moving at the same pace or starting from the same place. But we do believe there are some key elements to moving toward Jesus.

We must be learning, be in a covenant community, and engaging in spiritual disciplines. Imagine these three elements each at the corner of a triangle with the Holy Spirit at the center. When each of these are present, we’ve found that it makes the ideal conditions for Spirit-empowered transformation.



We are learning all the time. Whether it’s a book, podcast, or a short clip on social media, what we are learning has an impact on who we’re becoming. That’s why it’s important to be in spaces where you are learning Scripture from someone who is gifted and trained to teach it. At Church on the Move, this could look like being a part of COTMU, one of our Midsize Group Bible Studies, or even attending our weekend services. 



We were created for relationship. A healthy spiritual life depends on gathering with others to serve, teach, learn, encourage, and challenge one another. We all need people to help us see our blind spots. We believe the greatest spiritual growth happens in places where you don’t have to be shy about your faults, questions, or doubts. A great place to find community is in a Small Group, at our Daughters Events, Brotherhood Events, our Young Adult services, or for kids and students at Oneighty or Kids on the Move.



We practice spiritual disciplines because they are like training exercises for our spiritual life. Spiritual disciplines are practices that by design can lead to life transformation, as they move our hearts and minds toward Christ. These disciplines can look like seasons of fasting and prayer, our Advent season, or coming together on the weekends to worship and read Scripture, take communion, and celebrate baptisms.

We believe learning, being in a covenant community, and engaging in spiritual disciplines are essential parts of every ministry and gathering we have, and our hope is that you would make them an essential part of your life as you follow Jesus.