We Seek Authentic Community


Church on the Move is a Jesus church. It’s more Gospel than it is practical. It aims at the heart more than the actions, for the actions flow from the heart.

We are a growing church, but we do not only measure growth by butts and bucks. Real life-change and a deep commitment to Christ are our rocket fuel.

Church on the Move is an open, welcoming community where worshipers and doubters are side-by-side. We are not afraid to ask and answer tough questions and we aren’t afraid to say, “We don’t know.” We embrace mystery because our God is a transcendent God.

We Love and Appreciate the Arts


We love and appreciate beautiful design in all its forms because our God is a beautiful God. We, therefore, strive to reflect our Creator God by creating beautiful environments in which to worship Him.

We love great music because music stirs the soul and brings us closer to God, the author of music. Shallow, vanilla music dishonors God because it makes Him safe. Our God is a consuming fire. Therefore, we will always highly value our music because music is a doorway to the transcendent.

Church on the Move loves and appreciates the arts because the arts speak to the heart and soul. We are not gimmicky or cute, because this dishonors God. Rather we seek to reflect real emotion wherever it may be found.

We Care Deeply About Kids and Students


Church on the Move deeply cares about kids and students because kids and students matter to God. We take seriously our responsibility to disciple the next generation because our God asks us to.

We believe our kids and students need the gospel the same as we do, not just cute bible stories and lessons in character. We do not shy away from tough subjects, because our enemy doesn’t shy away from tough situations. Life is real; therefore, our instruction should reflect reality.

We Seek to Understand More of Our Great God


Church on the Move believes in life-on-life discipleship. We believe that the greatest spiritual growth comes in community, therefore we work hard to facilitate real relationships. We are not shy about our faults and we are not afraid to take our masks off. We take seriously the command to spur one another on to good works.

We are a thinking church. We are not content to just slide ignorantly through life. Therefore, we are constant learners always seeking to understand more of our great God. As a result, we are a church filled with teachers and students.

We are serious about God but never take ourselves too seriously. We embrace tradition, but we will not be imprisoned by it. We love to think, but we are not afraid to have fun for the joy of the Lord is our strength.

We Are Engaged in the Issues of Our Communities


We are a generous church. We are not afraid of money and we will not be dominated by its pursuit. Because the earth is the Lord’s, we see ourselves as stewards and not owners. Therefore, we hold loosely everything God puts into our hands.

We are engaged in social transformation and cultural renewal. We seek to see His kingdom come; His will be done in Tulsa as it is in Heaven. Therefore, we will not be content with building our little Christian kingdom, but rather we will engage in the issues of our communities.

We Are Comfortable with Who We Are


We’re not desperate to be noticed but we stand out for our uniqueness. We are comfortable with who we are, and we know that we aren’t going to be for everyone.

We are not a cult of personality. Our church is not built on one person or one gift. Yes, we have a leader, but we are comfortable with different voices and different expressions of leadership.

We Are a Spirit-filled Church


Finally, we are a spirit-filled church. More and more we embrace the gifts and move of the Holy Spirit, but we are not thrill seekers or moment chasers. We desire authentic encounters with God the Holy Spirit.