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Who We Are

Our mission at Church on the Move and Lincoln Christian School is to introduce people to the real Jesus. We believe this journey starts with knowing and loving Him and leads to knowing and loving people. We’re convinced following Jesus is an invitation to Know God, Grow in Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Go Make a Difference.

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Current Job Openings

Interested in being a part of Church on the Move or Lincoln Christian School? Check out our current job openings below!

Lincoln Christian School Job Openings
Security Officer
Human Resource Manager
Service Support Tech (part-time)
Landscaper (part-time)
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Church on the Move

Church on the Move is a group of people who are dedicated to helping people identify and take their next step in the safety and freedom of community. Under the leadership of Lead Pastors Whit and Heather George, the Church on the Move staff aims to build a culture that prioritizes real life change for both the staff and church family.


Lincoln Christian School

Lincoln Christian School has a mission of introducing families to the real Jesus and seeks to build authentic relationships with students, families, and staff, while engaging students with rigorous Christian academics. Their staff team is dedicated to helping students identify and prepare them for their next steps.


Core Values

Surrendered Living

“Our ministry flows from our relationship with Jesus.”

We intentionally create margin in our lives to submit to the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. We value being with Jesus over doing things for Jesus, knowing that it’s only from this place that we can bring glory to God. We live in the light, allowing the Word to reveal the sufficiency of Jesus in the midst of our inadequacy. We believe in getting out of our own way and rejecting our tendency towards self-preservation, entrusting our very lives to a God who wants more for us than we want for ourselves.

Surrendered living is submitting to many small daily deaths so that we may know real life—death-to-our- preferences over God’s commands, death-to-our-comfort over God’s sanctifying work, and death-to-our-small dreams over God’s surpassing purpose.

Healthy Rhythms

“We embrace our limits.”

We acknowledge that God designed natural patterns into life that are meant to benefit our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In embracing our limits, we are acknowledging that God is all-sufficient. Central to this idea is the Sabbath, where we look to God as the ultimate source of life, rest, and help (Psalm 121:1-2).

In honoring the Sabbath, we honor God and the routines of life He has ordained. When we honor this principle with our time and in our relationships, married or single, we are choosing to live within the moral boundaries God has designed, and thus, a greater freedom and effectiveness is realized.

Relational Discipleship

“We want to know your story and help you take your next step.”

We believe God designed the Gospel to be revealed in its fullest expression in relationship with other people. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live Christ-honoring lives when we live in true community, embracing authenticity and vulnerability.

Our stories, struggles, and secrets are known by those we trust because only then will we grow in freedom and experience the abundant life Jesus came to give. God’s care for us enables us to truly care for each other through prayer, building genuine relationships, and walking with people as the Lord reveals their next step.

One Team

“What we’re a part of is greater than the part I play.”

We recognize that though we are one body, we have many parts each with a unique role to play in God’s Kingdom. Each team member makes a contribution that matters, from housekeeping to center stage. As One Team we have One Mission: introducing people to the real Jesus.

As we work together toward this mission, we believe the very best about our teammates. We exercise healthy candor when opinions differ, and we adopt a posture of open-handedness that acknowledges that our larger vision as a team is more important than ourselves. Above all else we choose to love all our teammates and place them and the mission above our own achievement.

Intentional Celebration

“We never miss a chance to honor God and celebrate people.”

Enjoying the journey of growing in Christ and growing as a team is something we won’t take for granted. Whether praising someone’s contribution in the moment in front of others or regularly setting aside time to celebrate our teammates and church family, we know genuine appreciation blesses others as well as us.

But we don’t stop there. Our desire is to ensure our culture is one of gratitude to God for all He is and all He has done in us, through us, and among us.

What It's Like to Live in Tulsa

“Tulsa, where history, social consciousness, and barroom jamming make it one of the most fun places to visit right now.” — Rolling Stone Magazine, 2020

With unique local coffee shops, a thriving art community, and restaurants that any foodie would love, the Tulsa area has a ton to offer any young family. Tulsa has a diverse community that attracts young professionals, entrepreneurs, and commerce, while still maintaining a low cost of living. The total population in the City of Tulsa is 400,669, and the population in Tulsa County is 651,552.