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Compassion Offering

It’s been an incredible
four years!

The Compassion Offering is our annual giving campaign designed to unleash compassion all over the world.

Since we launched the Compassion Offering in 2017, we’ve raised more than $10 million to make a huge difference in the lives of people in our city and around the world.

Your giving makes a difference.

We want to raise $1.1 million to make a big difference in Tulsa and all over the world! Check out all of the projects we want to work on in 2022 below and help make difference by giving toward our Compassion Offering. Your gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!  

See our partners below.  

01 | Food on the Move

Did you know in response to the crisis in Afghanistan, our city is welcoming 800 Afghan refugees? We can help support our city and care for each individual by supporting Food on the Move. We’ll help provide food and lodging for the refugees coming to Tulsa and give Food on the Move the opportunity to acclimate and move each refugee into a more permanent home.

02 | Camino de Vida

Our friends at Camino de Vida have been renting their current building for many years, unable to purchase it with the market prices. Now, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market, they can purchase the building for less than half of the seller’s original asking price and secure the investment they’ve made all these years in this building and their community

03 | ICF Cambodia

ICF is building container classrooms and a playground for more than 200 kids to continue theirs studies while schools are closed due to COVID-19. The project is almost complete, and we can help by funding the roof, flooring, and paint portion. Once completed, these container classrooms will also function as kids ministry classrooms to help serve the more than 700 kids and students that attend the church each week.

04 | New Hope Eurasia

The evils of human trafficking found fertile soil in Eurasia among sex traffickers, owners of panhandling networks, and the exploitation of kids’ bodies for harvesting vital organs. It’s a heartbreaking reality that New Hope Eurasia is actively fighting. In 2022, New Hope will work with the Gypsy population in northern Moldova—a community extremely vulnerable to trafficking. Through our partnership, we can help them establish an ongoing outreach for kids in the area.

05 | Triumphant Ministries

Did you know Myanmar, where Triumphant Ministries is located, is more than 90% Buddhist? Yeah! Sharing the Gospel there means creatively meeting the community’s needs, and that’s what Triumphant Ministries has been up to since 2005. We can help them continue to reach families and children affected by human trafficking by funding the building of Livestock Barns to adequately house and care for their animals. Their livestock is a part of how they teach the kids responsibility through “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve.”

06 | Tree of Life

We can help Tree of Life Ministries continue their work in Honduras by purchasing Computers and tablets for their classrooms. These tablets and computers will support Tree of Life Ministries’ work in developing and educating the Honduras community in Biblical studies, leadership training, and entrepreneurial preparation. Additionally, one of Tree of Life’s greatest needs is generators. Honduras consistently has rolling blackouts that interfere with the ministry happening at Tree of Life. The purchase of 3 generators will help keep the ministry up and running despite blackouts.

07 | Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge is an orphanage in West Africa launched out of the ministry at Solace Church, now Church on the Move West. Currently, their facilities need some updates, and we can help! The updates would include expansions to current facilities to increase capacity for sleeping quarters and restrooms/showers so that Place of Refuge can help even more families in West Africa.

2022 Summary

Let’s Raise $1.1 Million to Make a Big Difference

This year, our Compassion Offering goal is $1.1 million, which will fund three areas: our eight featured projects, ongoing partnerships with like-minded organizations, and local outreach efforts at each of our churches. 

Partners: $401,000

Cornerstone Christian Counseling
Association of RelatedChurches (ARC)
Global Messenger
God Behind Bars 
Convoy of Hope

Project: $304,000

Katharos for Teens 
Food on the Move 
Camino de Vida 
ICF Cambodia 
New Hope Eurasia 
Triumphant Ministries 
Tree of Life 
Place of Refuge

Local Outreach: $395,000

Care efforts at our churches, Love Day projects, and ongoing outreaches. 

Funds raised beyond our goal will go toward supporting projects at our local churches.