Whit George


Whit has been a part of the Church on the Move family since we launched in 1987. Before serving as our Lead Pastor, Whit led our Creative team for more than 10 years.

Whit leads our church with inspiring vulnerability. He would tell you that growing up in church didn’t result in His life being centered on Christ. He certainly knew about Jesus, but in his words, “He liked God but loved himself!” That’s why he’s passionate about having intentional, sometimes difficult conversations about who the real Jesus is and what that means for our everyday lives. Why? Because meeting the real Jesus dramatically changed his relationship with God, his marriage, his kids, and our church.

He has a Master’s Degree in Ministry and Leadership from Wheaton College. When he’s not studying or preparing a new sermon, he enjoys reading a new book, spending time with his kids, traveling with his family, enjoying a great meal, or riding his motorcycle with friends. His favorite team to root for on Sundays after church is the 49ers.

Whit is a Texas native and the oldest son of our Founding Pastor Willie George. He married his wife Heather in 1999, and since then, they’ve raised five children together, Francis, Lucy, Elliot, Zuzu, and Beatrix, along with a couple of dogs and several chickens.

Ethan Vanse


Ethan has been a part of the Church on the Move family for over 30 years and has led a variety of teams including kids, students, and pastoral ministry. He comes from a large family and loves the process of making a church feel like a home! He is passionate about including as many new people as possible in this growing family.

While attending Oral Roberts University, Ethan met his wife Sarah, and they quickly started serving at Church on the Move together. The Vanses have two sons: Owen and Wyatt. Together, they love any kind of competition and cheering hard for the OKC Thunder and Dallas Cowboys.

Ethan is a gifted communicator, teaching in a creative and humorous style that will make you laugh hard and, hopefully, think even harder. He loves helping people find grace inspired ways to apply truth in everyday life.

Seth Swindall


As a pastor for over 20 years, Seth comes alive when he gets to serve people. You’ll often hear him talk about every person’s potential and see him helping people move beyond the pain of their past to find freedom and purpose in Jesus. Seth would tell you, his simple hope is that his life adds a little value to yours.

Seth and his wife Kim have five beautiful daughters. He loves to cheer on his girls at ball games, watch movies, take romantic walks on the beach with Kim, hunt and hike in the mountains, and of course, answer the question “Where’s Mom” 5,000 times a day!

Seth is an incredible leader and loving pastor. He deeply believes that Jesus is the hope of the world and that the Church is God’s best resource for introducing the world to that hope!

Willie George


At age 20, Willie George began an outreach with Sunday School buses and quickly learned how to hold the attention of rowdy, unchurched kids. In the decade that followed, his groundbreaking techniques brought him to national prominence as an authority on children’s ministry. In 1982, he created a wildly successful, nationally broadcast kids television program, The Gospel Bill Show.

In spite of his success as a traveling minister, he longed to build a local church where youth and children’s ministries would be showcased. Since 1987, Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK has been a leader in effective ministry for children and teenagers, with outreaches like Dry Gulch USA and Oneighty.

Today, the effectiveness of his vision is revealed in the amazing second-generation leadership team at Church on the Move. The same communicative skills that marked Willie George as a children’s minister have positioned him as the Founding Pastor of one of America’s most innovative churches.

Willie and Deleva George have four children and twelve grandchildren.