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Young and old.
Everywalk and season of life.
All women are welcome.

Although we often deny it, women long for friendship with other women. We want to laugh, be known, and be encouraged by our friends. Together, we are culture shapers. We play an important role in shaping the people and the culture of the environments we’re in. 

For various reasons, though, women hold back and often feel uncomfortable being authentic. As a result, we might lack true friendship and we struggle to change the environments we’re in.

An authentic community of women.

Daughters is a community of women from all different backgrounds and stages in life. We’re all about encouraging, challenging, and helping one another walk in freedom and fullness that overflows into our everyday lives. 

As a woman and follower of Christ, you are uniquely created and gifted. God has called you to be the culture setter in your home, workplace, community, and church. God has placed you and the other women in your life as pillars in His Kingdom! 

Come to a Daughters’ Event!

Coffee Connect

On December 8, join us for free coffee at SheBrews Coffee House in Tulsa from 11AM – 1 PM. This event is come-and-go.

Monthly Widows Group

Join us on the second Saturday of the month from 9:30–11:00 AM in the COTM Tulsa Red Room!