Next Move

You Have a Place Here.

Next Move Can Help You Find It.

Next Move is our monthly gathering for people who are new to Church on the Move or who have been around for a while but want to take the next step to get plugged in to our community. We’ll share a meal, hear our pastors share their heart and vision, tour the building, ask questions, and get to know each other. It’ll only last about an hour, and by the end, you’ll get a sense of your next step as a part of our church family!

Find a Next Move Gathering

Each month, we host a Next Move gathering at all three of our churches. Sign up for our next one today!

Already Gone Through Next Move?

Find a Place to Serve.

From worship to Kids on the Move, production to photography, and the café to the parking lot, we’d love to have you join one of our volunteer teams that help make church happen!

Have Questions?

We would love to answer them!