Your Giving Makes a Difference!

Generosity as A
Way to Image God.

Generosity is a characteristic of God—so it’s a natural side effect of letting Scripture reshape your life. When we follow God, we become more like Him. We become generous with our time, our love, and our finances. We freely lay down our possessions because Christ willingly laid down His life!

2-Year Missio Dei Campaign

We are currently in a 2-year giving campaign called Missio Dei. We have exciting projects at each of our churches that we can’t wait to start on!

Your Giving Makes a Difference!


When we give, we’re saying, God, have my heart. We honor God as the first priority in our hearts by giving the first 10% of our income, which continues the ministries of the church enabling worship, discipleship, baptism, and next generation ministries to thrive.

Compassion Offering

We believe the local church should be poised and ready to care for people. Your gifts make a difference both locally and around the world by providing life-changing support to local and global ministries, as well as those in crisis in our own neighborhoods.

Expansion (Missio Dei)

Each year, we set aside funds to update, repair, and care for our churches. Building and ministry expansion paves the way for the future, allowing more people to experience a life-giving church that has room for them to experience the goodness of God.


Money has a tight grip on our hearts. Matthew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Meaning, whatever has your money, has your heart. So, when we receive a paycheck we practice surrendering our finances to God by giving a portion of that paycheck to Him. Weekly, biweekly, or whenever we receive money, we can practice giving Him our hearts by giving a tithe. Check out some podcasts and blogs on this topic!