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Equipping Followers of
Jesus to Be More Like Him

COTMU is a one-year (30-week) program. Together, we examine Scripture, study the history of doctrine in the church, and learn how to appropriately discern and critique today’s cultural moments.

Applications for 2022 are closed.

See the Story as It Is

The Story of Scripture captures the imagination unlike any other in history. Yeah, it’s that good. We want to help you see the story in all its epicness.

Grow in Your Faith

What do you believe and why do you believe? We want to help you align your beliefs about God, the church, and yourself with Scripture.

Learn Your Part

You’ve got a part to play in the epic story of our faith. It’s tied to all the stories of followers of Jesus that came before you. We want to help you see it.

No prerequisites for serious learning.

Do I need to read a lot to fit in? Nope.

Is it only for pastors, teachers, etc.? Nope. 

Do I need college credit to attend? Nope.

Am I going to feel stupid? Nope.

We promise: It’ll be great!

Meet Your Instructor, Blake Zimmerman

Blake is a Spiritual Formation Pastor at Church on the Move. He holds a Masters in Applied Biblical Leadership from Western Seminary.

“For the last ten years, I have been on a serious journey—a God mandate to learn, be curious, and explore, but not to explore anything and everything. Instead, to let the Story of Scripture ignite my imagination. I’ve seen that when we let ourselves go there, when we develop a biblical imagination, we become more and more like Jesus. Not because we have more information in our heads, but because we have a story in our hearts.”

How does it work?

Class Time
2 Hours | 30-Weeks

• Teaching 
• Group discussion
• Learning community

At Home
4 – 5 Hours a Week

• Reading
• Podcasts
• Assignments

Hear From Students

Keep Growing in Your Faith! 👏

Common Questions

How much does it cost? 
What’s the 22-23 class schedule? 
What are the weekly expectations of class?
Is there homework?
Can I change my class day?
Do I have to work at a church to join?
Where is the class at?