Equipping Followers of
Jesus to Be More Like Him

COTMU exists to educate and equip everyday disciples for life and ministry in an increasingly post-Christian context. We believe this education and equipping process is best represented by what we call the “Formation Triangle”—our working paradigm for how formation works.

Year One

COTMU Year One is a 30-week class that seeks to help lay a theological foundation for discipleship to Jesus. Together, we examine the overarching story of Scripture, study the history of doctrine in the Church, and learn how to appropriately discern and critique today’s cultural moments.

Applications for ’24-’25 are Closed

Year Two

COTMU Year Two is a 9 month ministry and leadership experience to further integrate discipleship to Jesus with daily life. Participants will develop tools for lifelong discipleship that address the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual facets of their journey, equipping them for health and longevity.

Applications for ’24-’25 are Closed

Bible Studies

COTMU Bible Studies equip and train followers of Jesus to love their Bible. Students are given tools to help them read their Bible and understand its meaning, as well as a community where they can discuss, ask questions, and truly participate in the learning process.

Formation Triangle


Teaching and learning are indispensable to the formation process; therefore, we take seriously the study of Scripture, theology, Church history, spiritual disciplines, cultural trends, and more.


Students learn best with other students, which is why all of our environments have a strong emphasis on community. We value a diversity of perspectives that are equally committed to humility and boldness.


To learn is to change. Learning and community are necessary components to our formation, but the culmination of this process is to put into practice what we are learning.

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