Life is Better in Community

You’re challenged and encouraged in places where you don’t have to be shy about your faults, doubts, and questions. We gather because it changes us, shapes us, and helps us see God’s miraculous work in our everyday lives.

Small Group

Groups who meet in homes, offices, and coffee shops throughout the area to hang out, study the life of Jesus, and apply it to their lives. 

Midsize Group

Groups of 30-100+ people meet once a week for sports leagues or classes on marriage, meeting Jesus, in-depth Bible studies, and more. 

How to Use
Our Group Finder

To check out all of the groups we offer head to our finder, tap “Select a Campus” and filter by which campus you attend, then click “Group Type” and choose either Small Group or Midsize Group and take a step toward community!

Want to lead a small group?