Love Day - Let's Serve Our Community!

Introducing people to the real Jesus.

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We are three churches in Oklahoma with one mission: introducing people to the real Jesus. The best way to make a church a home is by getting involved in the community, so make yourself at home!

Love Day

Saturday, July 16th

You’re invited to grab some work gloves, lace up your shoes, and join us in serving our city! A few hours of your time will help meet the practical needs of some of the most impactful nonprofits and ministries in our city.


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COTMU is a one-year (30-week) program. Together we examine Scripture, study the history of doctrine in the church, and learn how to appropriately discern and critique today’s cultural moments.

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We have live, in-person teaching pastors at all of our locations! Listen to the pastors from our churches on our podcasts or watch the stream from our Tulsa location.

Summer in the Psalms

Summer in the Psalms | Psalm 51

YouTube In Motion Past Series

With each day, decision, and moment of life, we are moving toward something. We want that thing to be the real Jesus—not an idea of Jesus that you had when you were young or a story you heard about Jesus, but the real Jesus found in scripture. Explore who Jesus is and how His life changes ours on our In Motion blogs and podcasts.

This summer, we’re looking at how the poetry and the beauty of the Psalms help us understand more about God and life.

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Our ministries Daughters and Brotherhood are all about connecting men and women from all different backgrounds and seasons of life to encourage, challenge, and help one another in their walk with Jesus.