March 26, 2024

Finding Purpose in Every New Season

Change is a constant in life. If you’re not prepared for a changing season, you can find yourself at loose ends, thinking, well, now what? It’s so important to find purpose wherever you’re at, and that happens best in Godly community. In this episode, Jamie and Heather get vulnerable about where they’re at and how they can flourish in every area of their lives.

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Finding purpose in every new season.

Life is a journey of constant change. Some seasons are full of highs and some full of lows.

In the not so fun seasons, it’s easy to feel like our current state will last forever.

We might feel stuck, especially in areas like marriage where good and bad seasons are part of the natural rhythm. As kids grow older, they  become more independent, and our roles as parents evolve. This can leave us feeling aimless and purposeless.

In  tough seasons, it’s crucial to ask ourselves what’s causing the challenges and what we can do differently. Is there a need for change or adjustment in how we approach situations? Are there unresolved issues that need to be addressed for our relationships to thrive?

What are you looking forward to?

Preparing for change is vital. We should equip ourselves emotionally and mentally for shifts in seasons.

Looking forward with hope is key. Shift the focus from past challenges to future possibilities. What are you looking forward to in this next season? It could be as simple as a trip with friends or as skill you’re going to learn.

This mindset shift can help us navigate transitions with resilience and optimism.

Finding purpose in the little things.

It’s tempting to measure our lives by worldly standards– what our house looks like, how many followers we have, the money in our bank account…

We think, I’ve got to do something big. If it’s going to matter, it’s got to go viral on Instagram, right? Wrong.

It can be as simple as writing a note of encouragement to someone.

In this episode, Heather shares the story of her friend who sends letters to friends and family throughout the year. In her sixties, her husband passed away and she was feeling purposeless. Someone in her small group told her her letter writing was her ministry.

Now, at 91, she continues to send letters and visits those who are bedridden in her community. She’s using the gifts she has and is finding purpose where she’s at.

Stay grounded in community.

Often, the things that bring us the most purpose are the ones we easily overlook. It takes someone to call them out of us, and oftentimes, the Lord uses the people around us to speak to our hearts.

We all have different gifts, and understanding our gifts is crucial to finding purpose. Being in godly community gives us people to call out the gifts they see in us and also gives us an opportunity to live out our gifts fully.

Asking ourselves, “Who am I, and what do I have to give?” can propel us into the next season with purpose and meaning.

We all desire to flourish.

This may look different for each of us, whether it’s in our marriages, relationships with our children, or our communities. Sometimes, it means recommitting to each other amidst growth and change.

Life has its seasons, much like Oklahoma’s landscape. It may seem dry and brown now, but signs of emerging life are always present—bits of green and buds, reminding us that everything will become green and beautiful again.

Just as the dry and brown season gives way to lush greenery, our sorrows pave the way for deeper joy if we remain steadfast.

So, hold on. Embrace each season with purpose and faithfulness. Your journey may have its dry spells, but remember, it’s on the verge of becoming green and beautiful once more.

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Show notes:

In this episode, Jamie mentions the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

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