October 13, 2021

Habits: how to break them and start them

How do you start new habits (and break old ones)? We’re sure you’ve been in a spot where you’ve tried all you can to keep a healthy lifestyle. You’ve outlined the workout schedule, you’ve bought the right groceries. But when it comes down to cooking the food and doing the workouts you just … can’t. Let’s talk about it!

In this episode, Heather and Jamie talk about getting out of our feelings and starting habits that dictate our desires. Listen to the episode below!

What you do changes you.

Our habits dictate our desires. But for some reason, we wait around for our desires to dictate our habits. How many times have you said, “I don’t feel like going to the gym.” OR “I don’t feel like praying, or reading my Bible, or going to church.” OR “I don’t FEEL LIKE doing much of anything?”


We believe there is a cycle of behavior here that you might be missing. We call it “the works of the flesh cycle.” It goes like this wordly habits lead to disordered desires which lead to more worldly habits which lead to, you guessed it, more disordered desires. Here’s what we’re saying, do you want to change your desires? Do you want to change your habits? Just start.

Your habits dictate your desires.

If you wait around to want to do it, you’ll never do it. So start small, and watch how your desires follow. Spiritually, you can break the cycle of “the works of the flesh” with a new cycle we call, the “Fruit of the Spirit Cycle“.

The “Fruit of the Spirit Cycle” goes like this, spiritual practices lead to Christ-like character and Christ-like charter leads to more spiritual practices and so on.

Here’s an example of the Fruit of the Spirit Cycle:

I don’t want to go to church in person, I’ll just watch online. But I know my desires follow my habits, so I’m going to go to church and let the action of getting in the car, driving to the church, standing during worship, sitting through a message, praying with my community, and driving home shape my character.

Want to break an old habit? Start a new one.

We think spiritual formation is the process of learning to love what Jesus loves by forming our habits around His habits. They don’t say, “old habits die hard,” for no reason. Reshaping your habits is difficult without Jesus at the center.

Every action, conversation, relationship, morning or evening routine shapes you. So, how are you being shaped? Start taking control of your formation by starting a new habit this week. Start small. Maybe it’s just putting on your gym shoes and going for a walk, or spending 2 minutes in prayer. Whatever it is, just start.

What habit are you starting?

Life is better in community. We want to hear what habit you’re going to start this week. Text “LIFE” to 23101 and let us know.

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