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Start the Year in Scripture

There’s no better goal than to get to know your Bible more in 2023!
Here are some Bible Plans and Apps that will help you on your journey.

Bible Plans & Apps We Recommend


Watch our videos on reading, meditating on, and creating habits around the Bible.


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Bible Reading

How to Read the Bible

When I was growing up, I thought I knew how to read the Bible. I would open it up to somewhere near the end because someone told me the most important stuff was in the short books near the back…
How to cultivate community.

Building a Community You Can Rely On

Everyone wants (and needs) a strong network of support, but actually finding the people who will stick by your side through the best of times and the worst can be hard…

Approaching the Psalms

We all have different experiences with the Psalms; sometimes we read them and think, “huh?” You may love the depth of emotion and vulnerability, or maybe you avoid them altogether…