Ever wonder about those lesser-known books tucked away at the end of the Old Testament? You know, the ones with the intriguing names like Habakkuk, Nahum, and Haggai? They often slip under the radar during our daily readings, but they’re there for a reason…

This summer, we’re exploring these overlooked books together. Our summer reading list will feature the Minor Prophets found at the end of the Old Testament. Together, we’ll dive into 9 of the 12 books in our upcoming teaching series, “Major Lessons From Minor Prophets.”

The Minor Prophets in Chronological Order

• June 15-16 | Jonah (785–775 BC)
• June 22-23|
Hosea (750–715 BC)
• June 29-30 |
Micah (735–690 BC)
Set within the Assyrian Period.

Not covered in service | Nahum (650–630 BC)
bridges the gap between Assyrian and Babylonian dominance.

July 6-7 | Zephaniah (630–620 BC)
July 14 (Sunday Service Only) | Habakkuk (620 BC)
Proclaim the impending Babylonian exile.

July 20-21 | Haggai (520 BC)
July 27-28 | Zechariah (520–518 BC
Speak to the first generation of returnees out of exile from Babylon.

August 3-4 | Malachi (450–430 BC)
Closes the Twelve with exhortations to a later generation.

August 10-11 | Joel
Not covered in service | Obadiah
Ambiguous in the timeline of the Twelve

Going on Vacation? We’ve Got You Covered. 😉