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Missio Dei

New Series Starting October 21-22

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Have you ever found yourself asking questions like this? If you have, you’re not alone. Human beings have been searching for meaning and purpose since the beginning of time, and we’ve continually found these things inside the vehicle best designed to give meaning and purpose: stories.

For Christians, that story is none other than the biblical one. We want to place our questions inside a much larger question: What does God want? Who is He, what does He hope to accomplish in this world? In theological terms, we’re talking about the missio Dei, which is Latin for the “mission of God.”

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What Is the Mission of God?

Despite being a compilation of 66 different books written by different human authors who lived hundreds of years apart from each other, the Bible has one through-line, a thread that begins in Genesis 1 and weaves itself all the way into the book of Revelation: the mission of God.

God’s mission since the beginning has been for His Kingdom—what the Bible calls “heaven”— to invade ours — what the Bible calls “earth. While Church on the Move will never embody the mission of God in its entirety, we believe God has called us to fulfill our part in the greater Tulsa area.