#LOVEDAY | July 10

Wesley Chapel - Love Day (Build a BBQ Pit & Picnic Area)

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Wesley Chapel - Love Day (Build a BBQ Pit & Picnic Area)

Saturday, July 10
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Deadline - Thursday, July 8

We're excited to help Wesley Chapel by building them a new BBQ Pit and picnic area! This is a great project for individuals that are familiar with laying concrete and building outdoor spaces (but not required!). We will be laying concrete to secure the grill and we'll also be building picnic tables for the barbecuers!

DONATIONS ARE WELCOME: we need sacks of concrete (sakrete), (3) picnic tables, and (4) trees to plant. Contact ashleymcky@gmail.com if you think you can help!

Led by Senior Pastors Chris Beach and Rodway "Kingsley" Brown, Wesley Chapel specializes in showing God's love to the homeless, youth, and people of the North Tulsa community by providing pastoring, serving opportunities, meals, groceries, clothing, transitional help and more. 

Every Sunday, they pick up homeless people from Downtown streets/shelters and underprivileged youth from their apartment complexes and bring them to Wesley Chapel for two hot meals, church, clothing, and groceries. They are truly doing the work of Jesus and Church On The Move is honored to lend them a hand as they get their building up to code and do what they do best, serving others!

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