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Tulsa Boys Home - Love Day

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Tulsa Boys Home - Love Day

Saturday, July 10
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Deadline - Saturday, July 10

REQUIREMENTS: In order to help protect the boys and staff that reside at the home, people serving here MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW PROOF OF BEING FULLY VACCINATED.

Tulsa Boys' Home has developed a powerful relationship healing model - helping each boy heal, move forward, and learn how to integrate back into a life they have always longed to live.

We'll have fun playing some games, cooking out, and spending some quality time with the boys at the Tulsa Boys Home. This opportunity is for all ages! We'll huddle at the Church on the Move West campus at 9:00am with the rest of people serving that day, and then head to the home to start activities at 10:00am.

29 Spots Available
West Campus