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Living Today in Light of Tomorrow

There may be no other book in scripture quite as compelling and equally shrouded in mystery as the book of Revelation. For some, the book is a confusing puzzle, and for others, it can even feel a little scary. So, many Christians avoid the book all together.

But when you read it, you see the majesty and the power of Almighty God on full display. Revelation has inspired artists, left its readers in awe, and challenged followers of Jesus to live a life of fervor and radical repentance for ages.

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Living Today in
Light of Tomorrow

Revelation is not meant to stimulate interest but to influence action. It contains an urgent message to disciples of Jesus living on the edge of forever. The message is meant to wake up sleepy disciples and comfort faithful ones—challenging us to live each day in light of the hope we have in Christ’s return.

In Revelation, you won’t find a dry theological workbook; instead, you’ll see an epic drama—a captivating story. Characters, plot foils, and dramatic events unfold like scenes in a novel. Read Revelation as you would read any novel. Let the plot and imagery grab you!