The Psalms are far more practical and touchable than we often think. The Psalms teach us something about who God is and who we are. This summer, we’re looking at how the poetry and the beauty of the Psalms help us understand more about God and life.

Join Us Each Week

There are hundreds of Psalms, and this summer, from June to August, we’re going to look at 10 of them. Each of our pastors will walk us through a Psalm that helps us understand scripture and life a little better. What does it mean for a deer to pant for water? To delight in the law of the Lord? To be comforted by a rod and a staff?

How to Read the

The Psalms helped Israel learn how to live by learning how to pray. But that was thousands of years ago. So how can we understand the Psalms today? Through our study in the book, we’ll see more of who God is and how His consistent character creates space for our honest prayers. We want to equip you with some resources to help you on your journey.

Take the Psalms with You

This summer, we are looking at different Psalms each week. Read along on
your summer vacation, as you head to the lake, or hang out with your family.

August 6/7 – Psalm 119