What would it look like for you
to faithfully follow Jesus in 2022?

The book of Acts demonstrates how the early church learned to trust Jesus and follow His teachings in an ever-changing world. As you read their story, you’re invited to look at the challenges in your life, your relationships, and our world, and ask God, “what’s next?” and faithfully follow Him wherever He takes you.

Join u this weekend for our teaching series in the book of Acts!

→ A church shaped by Jesus.
→ A people changed by His Word.
→ A person filled with His Spirit.

The book of Acts in scripture takes its reader through the first 30 years of church history and gives you a deeper understanding of what Jesus’ church, community, and followers should look like. Our hope for you is that after this teaching series you’ll know the qualities of a church shaped by Jesus, a people changed by His word, and a person filled with His spirit. 

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Go deeper in the book of Acts!

We’re accompanying our teaching series with a two-part, in-depth Bible study on the full book of Acts.