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Introducing people to the real Jesus.

Hello, Friend!

We are three churches in Oklahoma with one mission: introducing people to the real Jesus. Learn more about our churches below and plan to join us this weekend! 

21 Days of Prayer

Twice a year, we set aside time as a church for focused prayer. For 21-days, our church is taking 10-minutes to pray through a verse in Hebrews 11.

Latest Teachings

We have live, in-person teaching pastors at all of our locations! Listen to the pastors from our churches on our podcasts or watch the stream from our Tulsa location.

What's Next?

What's Next | Part Two

YouTube In Motion Past Series
What's Next | Part Two

Make yourself at home! 

The best way to make a church a home is by getting involved in the community. We serve our communities together, gather in small groups across the city, and host church services together.  

With each day, decision, and moment of life, we are moving toward something. We want that thing to be the real Jesus—not an idea of Jesus that you had when you were young or a story you heard about Jesus, but the real Jesus found in scripture. Explore who Jesus is and how His life changes ours on our In Motion blogs and podcasts.

What would it look like for you to faithfully follow Jesus in 2022? The book of Acts demonstrates how the early church learned to trust Jesus and follow His teachings in an ever-changing world. As you read their story, you’re invited to look at the challenges in your life, your relationships, and our world, and ask God, “what’s next?” and faithfully follow Him wherever He takes you.

Church During COVID

A lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic! We work closely with city officials and healthcare professionals to keep our churches open and operating safely so that we can continue to serve our community, love our neighbors, and worship together! 

Daughters is our ministry for helping women walk in freedom and fullness that overflows into their everyday life. 

Brotherhood is our ministry dedicated to helping men step into God’s highest purpose for their lives.

Every year, we raise money for projects that make a big difference in our city. Check out what we’re doing with Compassion Offering this year! 

After a year like 2021, people need help getting back into community! Here are four simple ways to invite a friend to church.