July 22, 2021

Am I wasting my life? 

We know we can’t be the only ones who wake up at 3 AM wondering, “AM I WASTING MY LIFE?”

Internet influencers, 30 under 30s, and a to-do list/goal-focused culture put constant pressure on you to be more successful at a younger age than the generation before you. As a result, the pressure convinces you that nothing is worth doing unless it’s wildly successful. Your purpose becomes “success,”  and it’s exhausting.  It’s also not that great of a purpose either.

In this episode, Adam and Whit discuss the feeling of wasting your life and what your real purpose may be. Check it out.

Trusting God with your purpose is one of the biggest asks of the Gospel. 

The truth of the matter is this: you were created to follow Jesus. Not to be successfull, rich and famous, or wildly creative but to follow God. When you read that do you feel a twinge of nervousness? That’s totally normal. We’re talking about surrenduring control of your future, your hopes, and your dreams. That’s pretty big.

In fact, we would say surrendering your future is one of the biggest asks of the Gospel. But, when we talk about surrender, what we’re really talking about is trusting God. Do you believe that God is really good? Do you believe that God is utterly committed to your good 

What’s your fear about trusting God with your future? 

Before you try to move forward with identifying your purpose, slow dow, and identify where you need to trust God more. Where do you need to release control and follow Him?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

There are going to be moments in life where you feel totally lost. More than you’d like you’ll have moments where you’re unsure of what the future holds, what you need to do next, and even what the right thing to do is. In these moments, we think there are three great things you can do.

1. Do the next right thing.

Remove the pressure from yourself to know how everything is going to turn out or to have the full plan figured out. Just do the next right thing.

You might not know exactly where God’s taking you but you can trust Him. When all you have to do is say “yes” to what God puts in front of you, the pressure is off.

Slow dow, and reflect on what God is speaking to you. Don’t overthink it. Just follow peace. You more than likely have an instinct about what you should do. Reflect on it, pray about it, and take it to a Godly community for feedback. Which leads us into the next item:

2. Get around a friend or a mentor.

Don’t underestimate the power of community. We were created for community so anything God is calling you toward is going to happen in community. So, do you think He might want to use your community to help identify your next step?

Hebrews 10:24 says that we are to consider how we can spur one another on toward love and good works. You are looking for a friend, a mentor, a parent, a teacher, or a coworker to spur you on toward good works.  

Share what you’re thinking with them, ask for feedback, and see what happens.

3. Consider sticking it out.

Finally, there are going to be moments where you face opposition and feel like you should run. You may be looking at the environment you’re in and thinking, “nothing good can come of this.” In that situtation, you really want to slow down. Give yourself time for your emotions to even out and your stress to lower.

Often in these moments, your judgement can become clouded by your feelings and you won’t be able to see your next step clearly. This is an ideal moment to go back to item 2. Get around some people who can help identify the truths of the situation seperate from how you may be feeling.

In this blog, we are addressing nonviolent and non-psychologically damaging environments.  If you’re in a dangerous or abusive situation, you need to get safe first and foremost. Please use the resources below for help.

DVIS – Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc.
Family Safety Center
Oklahoma Safeline

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