Follow Jesus

Getting to Know the Real Jesus.

This page is designed to help you discover who Jesus is, what He did for you, and what it looks like to follow Him. Now, what are you waiting for? Simply click play, soak in some knowledge, and start following Jesus!

What did Jesus do?

During His time on earth, Jesus healed people who were hurting and sick. He also did a ton of other crazy miracles like casting out demons and raising people from the dead. Woah! Jesus didn’t just tell people he loved them, He showed them. In fact, He loved us so much that he conquered sin and defeated death on the cross. Now, we can love others just like Jesus did!

What is Discipleship?

Jesus made a way for us to be close to God. When we follow Jesus in our every day life, in what we say, what we think about, and what we do, we’re being a disciple. Discipleship is following Jesus in every part of our life.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. It’s a way to tell everyone, “I follow Jesus.” Jesus paid the price for our sins to be wiped away and offers us new life! Baptism is a symbol of that new life.

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