March 23, 2021

And That’s a Wrap: A Q&A to End Season One

Answering your questions on depression, loving the LGBTQ community, setting boundaries, and making friends.

We’ve had an incredible 12 episode first season of Life In Motion. If you didn’t know, season one was called “We’ve Got Issues”. During this season, we’ve looked at anxiety, depression, overspending, grief, and so much more, and it’s been an awesome, awesome season. We’ve heard from so many of you about how Jamie and Heather’s stories have made you feel seen, appreciated, and valued. We’ve also heard that it’s time for another Q&A.

During each of our episodes, we say, “LEAVE US A MESSAGE!” And you did! In this final episode of Life In Motion season one, Jamie and Heather listen to your messages and talk about them! It’s a good old Q&A episode.

They talk about depression medication, loving the LGBTQ community, setting boundaries, and making friends! Check it out above.

Four Questions From You

  1. “Jamie, are you looking for the root of your depression?”
  2. “Is there a successful way to minister to the LGBTQ community?”
  3. “What do I do when a friend is lying to me about alcohol addiction?”
  4. “How do you form relationships, friendships, and community?” 

Question: Are you looking at the root cause of your depression?

You may have heard, in our episode on Depression, Jamie talks about being on medication for depression. In this episode, Jamie answers one of our listener’s questions about that episode, “Is she looking for the root cause?” This is such a great question. Jamie responds by opening up again, getting vulnerable, and sharing her own experiences.

Ultimately, she’ll tell you that if you feel similar to her: pursue health. Not just for depression, but your whole life. No matter our health issues, whether mental health or physical health, we have to be walking toward holistic healing. It is not healing that says I want to be “skinny” or “happy,” but the healing that puts our minds and bodies in a place of optimal health because there are people who need you to be in your optimal health.

Question: Is there a successful way to minister to the LGBTQ community?

One of our listeners reached out and asked a simple, honest question, “Is there a successful way to minister to the LGBTQ community?” The answer: of course. Like ministering to any other person, you have to show love, spend time, and build relationships.

Heather and Jamie recommend some books for anyone who wants to love the LGBTQ community better.

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – Rosaria Butterfield
Gay Girl, Good God – Jackie Hill Perry

Question: What do you do when your friend is lying to you about alcohol addiction?

This question is all about boundaries. There is a fine line between loving someone with an addiction and enabling someone with an addiction. Ultimately, you will have to learn your limits, remember that you are not this person’s savior, and continue to push them toward professional help.

In your friendship with someone struggling, you may need to have a conversation where you lay out what you see happening, address the pain, and set some healthy boundaries. You may say something like, “It’s hurting me that this is happening, and it’s hurting our relationship that you’re lying about it.” Remind the person that you’re there for them but be ready to set the boundary. It may be that the person needs to see a counselor or seek professional help before you’ll feel comfortable continuing the relationship. You can help them find a counselor or take the step, but whatever the boundary it needs to be followed through with a consequence.

Setting boundaries is complex. But find freedom in knowing that you are not anyone’s savior and God does not require you to be. Don’t carry a burden that’s not yours to carry. Continue to pray for people, pray for God to show up in their lives, and trust that God is working. Even if it hurts your heart to set a boundary, know that you can trust that God is taking care of it. Set yourself free from the burden.

Question: How do you form relationships, friendships, and community?

There’s no doubt that Heather and Jamie’s friendship is … really special! We could all use a friendship like theirs. One of our listeners reached out and asked about how to make friends and form a lasting relationship like the one Heather and Jamie have. Their answer:

  1. Pray for friends in every area of your life
  2. Be bold and put yourself out there
  3. Remember: not all friendships last forever

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