September 14, 2021

How are you moving forward in this season?

Do you ever feel like you’ve not quite arrived at what your life is supposed to be? Maybe you’re a little tired of feeling like you’re behind and now you feel like you’ve wasted your life. Or at least the time you’ve had so far.

Have you ever been going through life feeling like your relationships are all in order, feeling genuinely happy? Then, BOOM, conflict.

What do you do in those moments?

You might not have guessed it, but that’s exactly where Heather and Jamie are at in life. Summer 2021 opened their eyes to areas of disappointment, striving, and tension and they want to change them.

I don’t want to waste the next 20-years of my life.

Heather doesn’t feel like she’s wasted her life up until now, but she definitely feels like a change is in the air.  She wants to be able to know herself, understand her gifts and personality, so she can be her true self, regardless of other’s expectations. Can you relate? We know we can. Heather wants to identify how to use her gifts and talents to get the most out of the next 20 years of her life.

Can I make the most of the time I have?

Jamie’s kids are getting older too, and with their growth comes the growth of relationships with them. Over the summer, she noticed areas where she and her kids were fighting … more and more. Jamie wants to work through having better relationships with the people she loves and making the most of the time she has with them. She also wants to work on her spiritual, emotional, and physical health so she can be the

Let’s do something about it.

So, they’ve both decided to do something about it. They’ve both made appointments with doctors, therapists, and life coaches with the goal of becoming better versions of themselves.

You’re invited to grow in this season with them. Every week, they’ll sit down in the podcast studio and share with each other (and us) what they’re learning and invite us to grow with them, to look at our lives, and let them be really, truly molded into the image of God.

We invite you to begin a journey of Jesus transformation with Jamie and Heather.

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