October 05, 2021

It’s time stop avoiding what’s really going on

Are you avoiding what’s really going on inside? Seriously, when’s the last time you got real about what’s going on in your life? Do you push it off by saying “Shouldn’t I have it more together?” Like,” Is it okay that I’m struggling in this way?”

When we let those thoughts run our lives we never face what’s really going on. We never get real. God wants to do a deeper work in you than you even know how to ask for, but it requires getting real. Real with yourself, the people in your life, and with God.

In this episode, Heather and Jamie talk about facing the truth of what’s really going on in their lives. Despite the discomfort, they found that it’s brought another level of peace and love in their relationships. Check it out!

“I didn’t know having a better relationship would require me to face x,y,z.”

Have you ever been cleaning your house, fully intending to just pick up a few rooms, only to find yourself cleaning out closets, bleaching the bathtub, and reorganizing your kitchen? It’s happened to all of us. You start working on something and the project just gets bigger and bigger.

That same thing happens in our relationships. You might set out to work on your communication with your spouse only to find that you actually have to deal with the pain of not being heard as a child. Or you set out to fix your relationship with your overpowering boss, only to find yourself dealing with your own insecurity. Often, we avoid what’s really going on inside of us until it affects every part of us.

There’s usually a root problem underneath all the other issues in your life. How do you uncover it? You stop avoiding it. Get real about what you’re thinking, feeling, and how you’re behaving. Give God access to the darkest parts of your life.

God wants to do a deeper work in you. Don’t avoid it.

Just like the closet you’ve been meaning to clean out, or the tub that could really use some bleaching, when you stop avoiding what’s going on in you, you allow God to reshape you. As a result, He will bring healing to your deepest, most hidden pains.

God may want to do a deeper work in you than you even know how to ask for. That work starts when you get real. Are you ready to run to Jesus with your hurts? Are you ready to be brave enough to take the step He gives you?

You can trust God with your past hurts, your current hurts, and your future hurts.

Get started: Get real about what’s really going on.

Usually, to get real with God you have to first get real with yourself and the people around you. We want to help you take a step toward being real about what’s going on in your life.

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