What We’re Up to Here

Why am I here? What is my purpose? As Jesus-followers, we believe that we can’t begin to answer the questions of why we are here and the nature of our purpose without first looking to our Creator and what His purpose is in this world. We want to place our questions inside a much larger question: What does God want? Who is He? What does He hope to accomplish in this world?

In theological terms, we’re talking about the Missio Dei, which is Latin for the “mission of God.” God’s mission since the beginning has been for His Kingdom — what the Bible calls “heaven”— to invade ours — what the Bible calls “earth.” That is the basis for everything you are about to read.

So, what is the Mission of God?

Is it to get people saved and into God’s family? Is it to learn our Bibles?
Is it to make disciples? Is it to love our neighbor as ourselves? Is it to care for the poor, the orphan, and the widow? Is it to plant new churches? Is it to fight against spiritual evil? The answer? Yes.

While Church on the Move will never embody the mission of God in its entirety, we believe God has called us to fulfill our part in the greater Tulsa area . . . .

Tulsa –––

As more and more people make COTM Tulsa their home, it’s time to expand our lobby to facilitate more face-to-face interactions, refurbish our kids’ spaces, and update equipment to give the next generation of COTMers a healthy, thriving church with well-cared-for buildings.

Lobby & Community Space

• Finish the Front of the Building
• Double Lobby Space
• Move & Expand Café
• Bookstore with Resources
• Expand Volunteer Lounge
• New Kid’s Play Areas
• Courtyard for Outdoor Gatherings
• & More!

Kids Classrooms

• Refurbish All Kids’ Classrooms
• Update Audio and Video Equipment
• Install Additional Secure Access Points to Classrooms


• Update Cameras & Video Equip.
• Expand Aisle Space
• Resurface Stage


Over the past two and a half years, we’ve worked hard to create a healthy, growing family, and with any growing family, our need for space has grown, too! We have incredible spaces for weekend worship and kids! Now, we need a space for all the other things that happen all week, like Next Move, groups, Oneighty events, community gatherings, funerals, and so much more. Our dream is for these projects to become spaces where more and more people move toward Jesus and each other.


Our COTMU Year 1 and 2 classes are full and our COTMU Bible studies are flourishing! Our vision for the future involves finding a dedicated COTMU space in a location convenient for all of our family of churches. This central hub will not only serve as a place of worship but also as an educational center, providing classroom spaces for COTMU events. We also want to create a 24/7 prayer room, establish a resource library, and so much more!

Broken Arrow

Church on the Move Broken Arrow is thriving! As we continue to grow, we are exploring options to expand our building. There are strategic opportunities in front of us that we are prayerfully discerning. Would you join us in praying for this season as we make strategic decisions?

Maintenance Capital

In addition to a flourishing community full of spiritually healthy families and individuals, our hope is to give the next generation of COTMers a healthy, thriving church with well-cared-for buildings and financial stability. Opening the door for the next generation is not just a good idea but our responsibility. With that in mind, we are currently in the second year of a ten-year plan to keep each of our buildings cared-for and thriving.

4th Church Launch

Every week, thousands of people gather across our churches, but we believe there are still more in our city who need to meet the real Jesus. We hold the conviction that local churches, planted in existing communities, are the most effective way to reach our entire city. As we look to COTM’s future, we sense God is guiding us to launch another local church. We have strategic locations in the communities around Tulsa in our prayers and discussions.

Our Plan–––

Two- Year Target

Five-Year Vision

  • Tulsa Update
  • New Community Space for West
  • Broken Arrow Expansion
  • Dedicated COTMU Location
  • Maintenance Capital
  • 4th Church Launch

How We’ll Get There


Instead of giving all at once, think about what you might be able to contribute over a two- year period. You might consider your income from your job, raises, bonuses, investments, or even unexpected surprises. Some may want to give in a way that aligns with tax planning across three years (2023, 2024, and 2025).

You can make a digital pledge or verify your pledge online at any time at my.churchonthemove.com. If you’d like to give your pledge in person and pray with pastor, you can do so at any service.


We totally understand that not everyone has the financial margin to give “over-and above” or “extra” funds. We all bring different life experiences to financial and future-planning conversations.

A campaign of this magnitude may feel like a stretch for our faith and our giving, but it is not beyond wisdom. It will certainly take thoughtful consideration, prayer, and ultimately sacrifice from every person who calls one of our churches home.

Tap the button below to download the Missio Dei campaign booklet PDF – with additional information and FAQs.

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