October 27, 2023

Missio Dei: Partnering with God’s Grand Mission

Have you ever read a Bible story and thought, “okay, but why?” Some people avoid the “why” questions: Why did God create mankind? What’s God’s end game here? But they’re necessary to get to the deeper truth.

In this episode, Whit and Lyndsey talk about the concept of Missio Dei, what God is up to in the world, and how we can be a part of it.

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If you’ve ever delved into the rich tapestry of Bible stories, you might have wondered about the deeper “why” behind them. The Bible is filled with narratives, parables, and teachings that often leave us pondering the purpose behind God’s actions.

It’s not uncommon for many to skip over the “why” and simply accept the stories as they are. But what if we could unravel the grand narrative that runs through the entire Bible? What if we could see God’s ultimate plan, the “end game” of the divine Creator? Well, spoiler alert, we can!

This is where the theological concept of Missio Dei comes into play, offering us a lens through which we can view scripture and see God’s overarching mission.

Missio Dei: A Comprehensive View of Scripture

Missio Dei is a Latin theological term that simply means “Mission of God.” It invites us to see the Bible not as a disjointed collection of stories and chapters but as a continuous narrative revealing that what God is doing He has been doing all along.

God is working towards an ultimate goal, one that will be fully accomplished one day. What’s so cool is the fact that we are not mere spectators but active participants in God’s mission. It’s not a deterministic view where God acts independently of us; rather, it’s an invitation for us to join in and be a part of His divine plan. In a word, it’s partnership.

So, What is God’s Mission?


From the very beginning, God’s command to humanity in Genesis 1:28 to “multiply” shows that God has always been creating a family.

This commandment is echoed in the New Testament when Jesus urges his disciples to go forth and multiply spiritually, replicating the transformation that has happened in them in others.

In this sense, the church becomes the family of God and a crucial component of His grand project for humanity. Attempting to have God without the Church is like dividing God Himself.

But Missio Dei also challenges us to confront wrongdoing within the church. Hosea’s example illustrates God’s commitment to His people even when they are unfaithful. Therefore, our call is not to abandon the Church but to actively engage in its betterment.


Things that are living are growing (just look at John 15 or the parable of the sower in Matthew 13).

Growth is good and growth is necessary, but we have to remember growth is not God. There is a responsibility to push for more but not for growth for growth’s sake.

What God instills within us always serves the purpose of extending through us. If we aim to be a blessing to others, we must first allow God to work in us. If we want cultural renewal or revival within the church, meaningful change can only manifest if it first takes root within us.

Following God requires movement

Over and over, God calls people to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown, trusting that He will unveil His plan for them.

This often involves moving out of your comfort zone–taking steps from the known into the unknown. It can be as simple as seeking counseling, admitting your struggles, or making amends with someone, or as drastic as moving across the world.

What step is God calling you to take?  He will always lead you back to life, back to Him.


The word subdue can often have a negative connotation, bringing about the idea of forceful control or subjugation. But the biblical call to subdue (Gen. 1:28) is about bringing order, bringing some thing raw and incomplete to fruition.

God has given each of us unique talents, skills, and resources. Just as a masterful musician can bring about something glorious with control over their instrument, we are entrusted with our abilities to bring about positive change–to harness our strengths for the greater good of creation and humanity.

God’s Plan Will Come to Pass.

God’s  mission has always been to bridge the gap between His Kingdom and our earthly existence, bringing a complete partnership between God and man to fruition. And this mission will be fully accomplished one day–like a symphony steadily swelling towards a perfect crescendo.

Missio Dei invites us to become a generation actively engaged in God’s divine narrative, advancing His purposes in the world. When we look at the whole of Scripture, we not only discover the “why” but also find our unique role in God’s ongoing, unfolding story.


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