Have you ever noticed how much you interact with money?

Chances are you haven’t gone a day of your life without spending, thinking about, or managing your money. Whether you’ve got a lot or a little, money keeps tight grip on our hearts. So, if we’re thinking about it every day, how do we align our thoughts about money with the Gospel?

Why are we talking about money?

Media, music, and movies portray the pursuit of money, the worship of those who have it, and lives where you don’t have to worry about it.  So it’s no wonder it can take up an oversized portion of our hearts and minds. As Christians, Kingdom Culture should overflow into every aspect of our lives, including our finances. An unhealthy relationship with money will inevitably affect our relationship with God and with others. So, let’s talk about. it.

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Week 1: Trust

Week 2: Stewardship

Week 3: Honor

Week 4: Generosity

Week 5: Compassion

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So, what does the Bible
actually say?

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