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Why do we gather?

At Church on the Move, we believe spiritual growth happens best in the context of community. That’s why we encourage every person that’s serious about following Christ to get involved in a group. We have groups that meet in homes, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and company breakrooms. We offer a variety of groups including special interest groups like flag football, ultimate frisbee, motorcycle, and quilting groups. We offer outreach groups that serve and love our community. We also offer Bible study and curriculum-based groups to help you grow in Bible literacy.

Whatever your season of life, whatever your interests, we believe the abundant life we all long for is found in a community. Don’t miss it!

Real Jesus

Our mission at Church on the Move is simple: we exist to introduce people to the real Jesus. But who is the real Jesus? What if Jesus is bigger than I think He is? What if He’s more loving? More gracious? What if there’s a joy and a peace available to me that I’ve not yet experienced? What if there’s more?

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