May 28, 2024

Walking With the Lord (Literally) – The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Lace up your shoes – we’re going on a walk! In this episode, Heather shares about her transformative experience walking the Camino Santiago pilgrimage – a route from Portugal to Spain that ends where the Apostle James is buried.

Throughout her 170 mile walk, Heather found solace in the simplicity of being present in the moment, meditating on scripture, and communing with the Lord. Her literal walk was a powerful picture of what it can look like to walk with the Lord in life, trusting Him to guide us step-by-step.

Hear More About Her Journey:

Embracing Peace in the Present

Heather started her journey with a hurry mentality: “I’ve got things to do and places to be.” How often do we live our lives with this very mentality?

God told her to slow down, “We’re not in a rush. Let’s just walk.”

From that moment on, she settled into that – just walking with no agenda. This mindset made for a completely different experience.

She let her mind settle, finding that she wasn’t bored or lonely as she had anticipated. Instead, she felt the Lord’s presence with her, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells around her.

She meditated on Scripture, not seeking “aha moments,” but simply letting her soul rest in the Lord. She focused on being rather than striving or doing.

Lessons from the Walk

Heather’s takeaways from the Camino were not marked by dramatic revelations but by the quiet assurance of God’s companionship. She realized her own capability and adaptability. She discovered that she could still learn and do new things, embodying a spirit of readiness for whatever God might ask her to do.

When she reached the end of her pilgrimage and saw familiar faces she had encountered along the way, she was reminded of the interconnectedness of our lives. These reunions felt like glimpses of heaven, illustrating the eternal impact even our smallest interactions can have.

Living in Light of Eternity

Heather’s journey showed her the importance of living with an eternal perspective. We don’t always know the impact our actions and encounters will have, but every moment with the Lord holds potential significance.

The mundane and ordinary parts of our lives can be profound when viewed through the lens of our walk with God.

Are you taking time in your busy schedule to simply be with the Lord? Let’s lace up our shoes and walk with Him, embracing the peace and presence He offers every step of the way.

Show Notes:

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