September 04, 2021

“I can’t believe I’m a Christian!”

Do you have some skepticism about Christianity?  Most people do. Or they at least have some hesitations about following God. Isaac was no different. But for Him following God came with more than just some slight hesitations, it came with a long list of grievances.

In this episode, Whit and Adam sit down with their friend, Isaac Witty, to hear his story of leaving the church, rejecting God, and the miraculous way God changed his heart.

Listen or watch “I can’t believe I’m a Christian”an interview with Isaac Witty! 

Can God change the heart of a skeptic?

Isaac has been a stand-up comedian for 20+ years. He’s been on A Prairie Home Companion, NPR, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and opened for Jim Gaffigan and Amy Schumer. He grew up in church with his family, but he was always a bit of a skeptic. So, in his early 20’s Isaac moved away from his family and completed his goal of leaving God behind.


Isaac was no longer just a skeptic. He was ready to leave God and the church with his family back in Tulsa.

Heartbreakingly, Isaac was introduced to drugs and quickly became addicted to meth. “Nobody is smoking meth after the second week of doing it, going ‘this is so much fun!'” Isaac said, “Everyone is doing it because they feel like they have to do it. You’re a slave to it.”

For Isaac, it started with just smoking meth every Sunday. From there, Isaac ended up addicted to meth for two years and struggling with a deep depression. “Meth brings you the worst depression,” Isaac said. “It’s a cycle. You’re always high or recuperating from being high. Then if you try not to smoke meth, after you’re physically back, mentally you’re so depressed that you’re like, let’s just do it again.”

How do you go from addicted to meth to being on a podcast with a pastor?

Great question! You have to listen to the podcast to find out. It’s an incredible story of God fully redeeming Isaac’s life and using Isaac’s sister to share His love with Isaac. Check it out.

Need some help interacting with the skeptic in your life? Listen to our episode, “True Lies: Christians should be ready to defend their beliefs.”

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