Dreams, Setbacks, and the Faithfulness of God

The story of Joseph is a powerful one that can teach us a lot about God and a lot about life. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can trust that God is with us. His story shows God’s faithfulness on full display and emphasizes our own goal: to respond to God with faithful obedience (even in the hardest of times).

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The Story of Joseph

Found in Genesis 37-50, Joseph’s story is an incredible ending to the first book of the Bible. It hits on some major themes: broken families, lost dreams, betrayal and abuse, forgiveness, faithfulness in hard times, and even serving God in ungodly environments.

Joseph is sold into slavery by his own brothers, wrongfully accused by his boss’s wife, and forgotten in prison, but through it all he continued to believe and trust that God would eventually bring him to a better place. And he was right.

His story highlights the way the God brings hope, new life, and redemption to areas where you might believe He can’t or won’t.

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