April 05, 2024

Are You on the Path of Life?

Is Jesus offering us a hard and miserable life? At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus unveils two distinct paths: one to life and one to death. The path to life is one of repentance and devotion – it requires leaving everything behind. But the treasure is worth the cost.

In this episode, Whit and Casey explore the road to life Jesus sets out in the Sermon on the Mount and the historical and cultural impact of Christianity.

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This theme of two paths is woven throughout scripture. We are all on a road headed somewhere.

Imagine avoiding your credit card statement, thinking it absolves you of debt. Similarly, ignoring the spiritual path you’re on doesn’t change the reality of where you’re headed. The road to destruction is broad and inviting. And at times, much easier than the path to life.

It begs the question: which path are you on? Where does Jesus show up in the fabric of your life?

The Kingdom path is one of repentance and devotion. It’s not a casual inclusion of Jesus as a life coach; it demands leaving behind comfort and embracing sacrifice. There’s a cost attached – but the treasure is so worth it.

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Watch the Message: Enter by the Narrow Gate


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