August 04, 2023

Life in Motion Season 7

In Season 7 of Life in Motion, Jamie and Heather talked about everything from growing up, parenting, and learning to trust God, to lessons they’ve learned from current movies and how they feel about Taylor Swift. It was an incredible season and you can find all of the episodes below:

Episode 1: Can You Handle the Truth?

Is telling a lie ever okay? Are you hurting your relationships with the words you speak or don’t speak? To kick off their summer break, Heather and Jamie recently went to see a movie together that left them asking themselves these very questions. In this episode, they explore the nuance of communication, navigating people’s feelings, and telling the truth even when it’s hard.

Show Notes: In this episode, they talk about the movie You Hurt My Feelings (Disclaimer: This movie is rated R for language)

Episode 2: What’s Influencing You?

It’s easier than ever to be influenced by pop culture, celebrities, social media, etc. What you consume shapes and forms you. So, it begs the question, what are you being influenced by?

In this episode, Jamie and Heather discuss a wide range of topics including the impossible pressures of social media, finding contentment, how a real relationship with Jesus completely changed the way they view success, and, naturally, Taylor Swift.

Show notes:

 In this episode, they mention the books,
Proverbs: Wisdom that Works by Ray Ortland
Domestic Monestary by Ronald Rolheiser

Episode 3: Trusting God With the Big and the Small

Do you ever find that it’s easy to trust God with some things and hard to trust Him with others? We’re often selective about what we fully give to the Lord, especially when it comes to our kids.

Parenting (especially young adults) has tested Jamie and Heather’s trust in God in big ways recently. In this episode, they talk about hair appointments, playing God, and trusting the Lord with their feelings: big and small.

Episode 4: Uncomfortable Conversations

Heather and Jamie have decided it’s time to have “the talk” with their younger kids. We often don’t talk about certain things because it feels too scary or complicated.  But when we’re willing to tell the truth, we become safe places for our kids.

In this episode, they tackle topics like walking in humility with your spouse, broaching uncomfortable conversations, and telling the truth – even when it’s painful or awkward.

DISCLAIMER: this episode talks about sex and puberty, so be advised when listening around young children.

Show notes:

In this episode, they recommend Stan and Brenna Jones’ God’s Design for Sex Series.

They also talk about Judy Blume’s book Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Episode 5: When Are We Gonna Grow Up?

Have you ever wondered, “when will I feel like an adult?” Jamie and Heather sure have. As they watch their kids grow and mature, it’s highlighted the areas they themselves still need to grow. But maybe it’s part of God’s design that we grow up with our kids.

In this episode, they talk about crying on social media, retaining their youthfulness, and modeling maturity for their kids (well, trying).

Episode 6: Family Matters

Our families are often the people who can drive us the craziest. But our closest relationships make us who we are. Jamie and Heather wonder if God put people so drastically different from them in their family to teach them how to communicate. In this episode, they talk about family values, embracing their differences, working through relational conflict, and leaning into the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Family is messy, but family matters.

Episode 7: Are We Helping or Hurting?

A tension that arises as kids grow older is knowing when to help them and when to let them fend for themselves. It’s a tension that Heather and Jamie have yet to figure out, but they’re trying their best. And isn’t that all anyone can do?

In this episode, they talk about knowing when to step in, raising unentitled kids, and things their families do that drive them crazy. Spoiler Alert: Community is key!

Bonus: Engaging Culture: “Barbie” Move Review

Movies have the unique power to spark conversations and allow us to engage with different perspectives. As Christians, we have to look for opportunities to engage people.

In this bonus episode, Jamie and Heather talk about what they thought of the “Barbie” movie. How do we talk about our value, our experience in the world, and even our bodies as women? Let’s talk about it!

Disclaimer: This episode contains spoilers for the “Barbie” movie.

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