May 01, 2024

Raising Kids That Get Along

As parents, one of our greatest desires is to see our children not only get along but also develop long-lasting bonds that last their whole lives. How do we help our kids want to stay close to us and to each other?

In this episode, Heather and Jamie get vulnerable about their own sibling dynamics, discuss healthy communication, and share their hopes for the future of their family relationships.

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Here are some quick thoughts on parenting kids who want to stay close to each other and close to you.

Instead of trying to make your children alike, celebrate their unique qualities and interests. Encourage them to appreciate each other’s strengths and talents, fostering a sense of mutual respect and admiration.

Sibling dynamics often involve rivalry and competition. Acknowledge these feelings while teaching your children healthy ways to navigate conflicts and disagreements. Celebrating differences can help alleviate this tendency siblings often have to compare.

Make time for one-on-one interactions with each child, fostering individual relationships and understanding their unique perspectives and interests.

Be mindful of communication patterns like triangulation and avoidance. Encourage direct and honest communication among siblings, avoiding manipulative behaviors or sweeping issues under the rug. The best way to do this is by demonstrating healthy communication in your own relationships. (As parents, we have to walk the walk!)

Teach your kids effective ways to resolve conflicts, such as active listening, expressing emotions calmly, and finding mutually beneficial solutions. Encourage open communication and problem-solving, emphasizing that conflicts are opportunities for growth and understanding.

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